About StudioHits

What is StudioHits? Really, it’s just a Greatest Hits compilation that hopefully has no end. We collect Greatest Hits albums one by one and play them on the station for you. It is a game for us to find songs that are not on a typical Greatest Hits album but if you dig hard enough you’ll find it on some obscure Greatest Hits release many years ago. That’s the joy of StudioHits because it’s a community effort to find the best music in interesting ways. Join in on the game!

Our Community

We at StudioHits believe in community involvement. Our community can help us do many things, including:

  • Make Requests: Requests help us know which songs are the most popular and to put them in higher rotation.
  • Rate Songs: Telling us which songs are better than others will also help us know where in the rotation to place them.
  • Find New Albums, Songs or Artists: We all work 9-5 but when there is time we’re always looking for new music to find, though it helps when our community is helping us with that task too.
  • Make a better radio station: The old adage is “a squeaky wheel gets the grease” and it’s certainly true. We listen to our listeners and will try our best to do what the community wants.

We encourage everyone to become a part of our community. If you have not done so yet, please visit our Facebook now!


Our site is ran by music gurus, people who make it their business to know music. These people ultimately decide which songs make it or break it on the station. Currently gurus are combing through the thousands of songs in our database trying to see what works and what doesn’t. Want to be a guru? Contact us and tell us why you should become a guru.


This station doesn’t make money. However, that doesn’t mean we won’t make money in the future. We’re a commercial station and we try to pay the bills by playing a few commercials an hour. Our music budget is nonexistent and is something we pay directly out of our pockets to supply.

We’re not the type to ask for money to pay for music to put on the station but if you are wanting to donate a few dollars for the music mission we’ll guarantee the money will only go to music. If you donate a CD to us, we’ll utilize the CD and put it on the station (if it fulfills the criteria of the Game). If you are interested in giving a donation, please contact us!

Want to contact the StudioHits crew? Either check out our Facebook page or contact us!