The Game of finding Great Music!

With every game there has to be rules. Finding songs to add is challenging but knowing the rules may help:

  • Artist has to be known between 1950 to 1999
  • Artist has to have at least four studio albums before releasing the Greatest Hits album
  • Artist has to be in general good taste: This means the majority of the album can be played during normal listening hours.
  • … If you can prove the Greatest Hits album exists: You can request us to get the individual track or the whole album, or even donate the album to us.

If the artist never produced a Greatest Hits album, don’t fret, here is a few more tidbits on how to get submission:

  • Song has to be in a Best Of Album: If the artist never released a greatest hits album or was a one-hit wonder, song submission must be on a Best Of CD or collection, such as “Sound of the Eighties” or “Gold & Platinum”.
    • “WOW! That’s What I call Music” and new music packages do not qualify.
  • Song had a good Billboard chart number: If it was never released on any hits album, don’t fret, provide a chart listing on Billboard with appropriate link and then it can be decided upon.

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