Advertise on StudioHits

Thank you for your interest to advertise on StudioHits, we here try very hard to make the best station possible.  As any business, we need money to grow so we can continue to give the listeners the best music we can.

Traditional radio can be expensive since they have transmitters and a lot of processing equipment running their station, not to mention their talent on and off the air.  Luckily we at StudioHits are on the internet so it is considerably less costly for us, we pass those savings on to our advertisers.

Need someone to help you create an an Audio or Banner Ad, check out Productions!

Audio Ad Costs

All the audio ads we play are 30 second ads, that’s all we do so we can get back to the music faster.  If you want 60 seconds of space, please buy two of the 30 second ad spots and separate your message to two different ads; this way your message gets across completely and we can still play as much variety as possible.

  • 1 Week: $30 for 20 Ad Plays
  • 1 Month: $100 for 75 Ad Plays
  • 3 Months: $300 for 240 Ad Plays

If interested, please contact us and put “Audio Ad” in the subject line.

Banner Ad Costs

Currently we only run two Banner Ad sizes: 300×250, that is on our page, and 728×90, that is on our player.  The prices below reflect only a single ad graphic in the rotation.  Ads currently rotate every 30 seconds.

  • 1 Month: $5 per Ad Graphic
  • 6 Months $25 per Ad Graphic
  • 12 Months $45 per Ad Graphic

If interested, please contact us and put “Banner Ad” in the subject line.

Banner Ad Sizes

300×250 Banner: Used on Our Site

728×90 Banner: Used on Our Player