Listen Live

Have a computer with speakers or a headset? Listen with one of these fine applications:

Flash Player

We recommend the Flash player as that every computer using Flash, around 99% of you out there, can utilize this nifty player.


We are listed in the iTunes radio directory, just click on Radio and then select “Top 40 / Pop” and you will see us listed as “”.

Listening on Mobile Devices:

Listening to us away from your computer has never been easier. Check out our options below. However, if none of these suit your needs then check out the SHOUTcast Radio Partner list.



iPhone & iPad

Direct Links:

If you cannot use one of the players above, check out our direct links:


Most phones can listen to aacPlus streams, many out of the box. To listen to aacPlus, click on one of these links:


MP3 streams are a very common format, though the compression will not be as good as aacPlus: